Isn't There A Way To Rotate A Photo On Facebook? Check It!!

Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites which can be used to share images on Facebook. It provides the users with a many numbers of options which can be used to communicate with many different users over the internet. There are also the options available to share text status, images, links, and videos. You can also send text messages; make audio and video chats as well. There are some other features of Facebook available as well which you can use to play games, advertise your products and create Fan pages as well. If you used Facebook properly then it can be used to make some money as well.

Have you ever uploaded an image to Facebook only to find that it is upside down? You could recover it and upload the image again, but that would also remove any comments or likes. There is another option also available. You can also rotate your image in Facebook.

==Here are the steps to fix incorrectly oriented photo on Facebook==

•Ensure that you are logged into Facebook with the account from where the photo was uploaded. You can’t modify photos that were uploaded from other accounts. You cannot modify other users' photos even if you were tagged in them. You can only modify your own photos which you have uploaded from your own account.

•Press on the image which you want to modify. It doesn't matter if you are seeing it on your wall or from your photo album of the Facebook. The image should "pop out" into that similar viewer window, photo on the left, data and comments on the right.

•Hover your mouse over the photo without pressing. As you hover over the picture, a row of menu options will display at the bottom of the photo. The name of your Facebook photo album is at the bottom left. At the bottom right, you’ll see these various options: Tag Photo | Options | Share | Send | Like.

•Press on the word "Options". Another menu should pop up that shows these options: Edit Location Change Date | Rotate Left | Rotate Right | Download | Make Profile Picture | Make Cover Photo | Make Album Cover | Get Link | Move to Other Album | Delete This Photo | Enter Full screen.

•Press on "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right". Repeat this step until the photo is oriented correctly.

By performing these steps will definitely help you to fix your photo. Gonetech Facebook Toll-Free Number is also available on the web for your instant support.

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